Best heavy duty sewing machines for a new sewist: Janome HD3000 and Singer 4423

If your clothes wardrobe is full of denim and jeans, you cannot use a simple sewing machine to fix your clothes. It is the reason why you should buy a heavy-duty sewing machine such as Janome HD3000 and Singer Heavy Duty 4423.

To understand the different types of sewing machines and which is the
best heavy duty sewing machine for beginners, you can visit our website CraftsSelection to learn more. Move on!

Durable and useful designs with Janome HD3000


This product is suitable for use at home because of its lightweight. It means you can put it on the table which places in a narrow corner. It is an excellent workhorse with components such as:

  • Eighteen built-in stitches
  • A top drop-in bobbin
  • Needle threads
  • Free arm model
You can adjust the width and length by using the slide button. There are two dials for the setting. The above button is for width, and the bottom one is for range. You can control the presser foot and speed of running efficiently. One disadvantage is that the machine does not have an LCD screen. Therefore, you have to follow all the specifications in the rotating button. It is sometimes hard to combine some functions.

It is the
best heavy duty sewing machine for home use with the free arm machine. To operate the device with heavy materials, you can make straight stitches without keeping them. It comes with two packs of leather needles and one bag of bobbins. Besides, it has many types of feet. They are the button sewing foot, rolled hem, blind, and over-edge foot.

However, it is not an affordable price for beginners. You have to make many tests before sewing because the buying guides are flexible and hard to follow up.

Best choice for saving money with the Singer Heavy Duty 4423


It is an excellent product for both dealing with heavy materials and saving money. It is suitable for carrying when you want to bring it to the class. There are twenty-three built-in. This feature is better than Janome HD3000. Therefore, you can use it for delicate fabric such as denim or knits.

It is a mechanical machine with an automatic needle threader. There are three or four main needles that are fit for heavy materials. Some additional components are pedals, buttonhole feet, bobbins, and zipper feet.

To connect the machine, electrical boxes, and brakes, we provide you with easy-to-use plugs. It is comfortable to control the design of sewing because there are detailed guides on each function, such as needle position, width, length, and zigzag button. Besides, this product has a 60% stronger motor, which can control many fabrics. The speed can be made by setting or stepping on the pedals.

In brief, it is a
good heavy duty sewing machine so you can get familiar with the machine very quickly. Furthermore, you can feel comfortable with the price of Singer Heavy Duty 4423. It includes a 25-year warranty at an affordable price.