Cisco 761M ISDN Internet Access Router


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Verkaufe den Cisco 761M ISDN Router komplett mit allem drum und dran. Gerät ist quasi nagelneu da es nie benutzt worden ist.

Hier mal die Tech-Details


one port 10 BaseT ethernet hub
A call connect/disconnect switch on the front of the unit.
Supplement telephone services supported over ISDN include call waiting, cancel call waiting, call hold, and call retrieve
One ISDN BRI port
WAN Technology Support S/T ISDN
One ethernet port with an autosensing attachment unit interface(AUI) or 10baseT (RJ-45) connector
Flash memory for software upgrades
Dial-on-demand routing (DDR) over ISDN line
IP and IPX routing with concurrent transparent bridging
IPX spoofing
Bandwidth-on-demand routing (BOD)
Multilink PPP for standards-based, B-channel aggregation
PPP dial-back security
Split B channels for support of simultaneous sessions with two sites
Network management and monitoring via SNMP and telnet
4:1 data compression for throughput of up to 512 kbps
Multilevel authentication using challenge handshake authentication protocol (CHAP) and password authentication protocol (PAP)
Routing information protocol (RIPV2) for routing updates
Configuration via the included windows-based connectpro application or by the web- based clickstart application

Preis ca 150?. Ich warte auf eure Gebote (per PM oder Email).

Als Anhang 2 Bilder.