Hitron Modem/Router - Help DISABLING Residential Gateway


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First of all, I am sorry if English is not allowed on this forum, however it is the only place on the internet that I've found even remotely discussing this topic. I would really appreciate any assistance with this, and I'm sorry that I cannot speak/write in German!

The previous topic I found is here for reference: https://www.hackerboard.de/threads/hitronhub-cve-30360-kabel-deutschland-wlan-hack.46171/

I have a Hitron modem/router combo, but I need to disable the residential gateway function. This is not possible with the software that ships with my version of the modem/router (listed as: The previous topic I found on this site dealt with enabling the wireless function of the router, although I don't need this functionality, I found a curl script and tested it to see if it would work on my firmware version, and it worked - this was the script:

@echo off
SET USER=admin
SET PASS=Password
curl --cookie-jar cookies.txt http://%HOST%/login.asp -s
curl --cookie cookies.txt --cookie-jar cookies.txt --data "user=%USER%&pws=%PASS%" http://%HOST%/goform/login -s
curl --cookie cookies.txt --cookie-jar cookies.txt --data "dir=admin/&file=wireless&wireless=0" http://%HOST%/goform/Wls -s
curl --cookie cookies.txt http://%HOST%/goform/logout -s

So this code worked even though my firmware version was not the same. I was wondering if it could be applied to disable the residential gateway function so that my modem will act as a bridge only. In the source there is clearly a variable for it labelled as "RGStatus":"1",

I am not incredibly savvy when it comes to these things, so I was hoping that I could find some assistance here. Thanks again.